What Is In My Hospital Bag.

My favorite and must have items!

Hey y’all!! Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately. As most of you know, life gets a little crazy at times and I have been putting what is most important in my life, first! BUT. . .I am totally going to be playing catch up, so get ready for a lot of posts haha! Today I am sharing my favorite and must have items to pack in your hospital bag!

This trip will be a little different than most of the trips you will take in a lifetime. This one will probably be one of the most important trips you will ever take. The need to be prepared is something that will probably keep you awake in those final days before your little one arrives. Did I pack this, do I need this, I am ready for this? You will literally question everything. You are totally going to feel like you need SO MUCH STUFF, but you also don’t want to be THAT mom that brings an oversized suitcase, two duffle bags and a pillow. Plus the diaper bag, your purse, make-up bag, oh and then your husbands hospital bag. Wowzer.

I will be the first to admit that I did not need even half of the stuff that I brought with me to the hospital. But I will also admit that I was super unprepared for my unexpected five day stay in the hospital. As I look back now, and into the future, I think I will be more prepared and pack these items that will make my next experience so much easier. So here is what is making it in my next hospital bag!

** C L I C K     O N    W O R D S    T O    S H O P**


granny panties :  This may come across as TMI, but these were my saving grace and is one of my biggest tips. After you have your baby, you are given the biggest pad you’ll ever see, and some mesh undies to wear. Yes I said mesh. The mesh ones were not that terrible, but mine felt so loose! I was super paranoid that everything was not going to stay where it belonged, if you get what I mean. Cue the granny panties. They are big enough to hold that big ol’ pad, but tight enough so it stays right where it belongs and you don’t have to stress! Plus the ones I found, I LOVED! They were a high waisted, full coverage with the tummy panel in a spandex material, so they didn’t stretch out or feel like a saggy diaper AND they held my tummy in! Double amazing!

tube tops : This one may come as kind of shock, but I lived in these during my hospital stay. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and I wanted it to be as easy as possible. With a tube top, I was able just to pull it down to nurse, rather than lift up my shirt and hassle with a nursing bra. It also doubled as a little kangaroo pouch that I would put Ellis in so we could have a lot of skin to skin contact. I would just wear my robe or a flannel or cotton button up over it. Talk about super convenient.

boppy pillow : I don’t know what I would have done without this pillow. I wasn’t allowed to be up out of my bed during my five day stay and I also had a lot of IV tubes. It was very difficult to hold Ellis with how weak I was and with all of the tubes taped to my arms. I was also worried about it being uncomfortable for her and for hurting me. The boppy gave me that extra support and relief that I needed! It also worked great as a napping pillow for my husband and I! If you don’t have one already- check them out here!

robe/comfy clothes :  If you’ve ever had to stay in a hospital before or let alone just been inside one, you know it is just about always freezing! Those little gowns they give you to wear are basically a sheet and are super breezy. Thankfully they let me wear my own clothes during my extended stay. My joggers, pajamas and robe left me feeling warm, comfortable and cozy. At this point comfort truly trumps cuteness.

socks :  This goes along with the last one. I am such a cold footed person, so comfy warm socks are a must for me. Socks were a really big deal for me during labor as well, as I was walking back and forth a ton. Because let’s be honest, hospital floors and bare feet sound like the worst combination. GROSS!

dry shampoo + makeup  Having a baby means having a lot of visitors! While you might not feel your best, it is nice to feel put together. Cue my go to favorites, dry shampoo + tinted BB cream! So quick and easy, but you’ll feel more presentable for all those pictures that seem to happen.

the extras : Of course the things I listed above are my MUST-HAVES, but these additional items were really important too. 

    • Chargers – – Phone. iPad. Camera. And don’t forget one for your husband either! We also loved the extended cords- – -> check it them out here!
    • Chapstick – – Who knew your lips would get SO dry!?
    • Lanolin – – You’ll want to be hydrating those nipples every hour.
    • Snacks – – Because breastfeeding = starving. Plus it is nice to have them for your hubby to snack on too!
    • Extra Pillows – – My hubby and I were always fighting over pillows. There was never enough!!
    • Water bottle – – Drinking water is super important for you and if you are nursing. Helps bring that milk in!
    • Pre-Natal Vitamins – – Important to continue taking even once the baby has arrived.
    • Going Home Outfit – – I had intended to wear a maxi dress, but it was rainy and cold when we got released.
    • An EXTRA Packed Bag – – Like I said before, I NEVER would have thought we would be staying as long as we did in the hosptial and I was not prepared.  I did not have enough clothes for myself or my baby. We also lived over 30 minutes away from the hospital we delivered at, which made it really hard to just go and grab extra stuff. God bless my husband because he tried to get what I told him, but we all know as women sometimes men just don’t quite listen or know exactly where everything is. So my advice would be to have an extra bag full of hospital ready clothes at home for friends or family to grab if you have to stay longer than normal!


Now before we get started, we did NOT find out what we were having with our first baby. So I had packed two girl outfits and two boy outfits to go home in and some plain onesies. **FACE PALM** That was NOT enough outfits! Especially since we had to stay longer! The hospital thankfully had provided us with some, but boy did I wish we had more! So once again, I had some lessons learned and next time I will be prepared!

swaddle blankets :  There is nothing better than holding a baby wrapped up snug as a bug. I wanted to get my baby used to being swaddled from the very beginning. It not only is a warm environment, but it also leaves the baby feeling safe and secure, mimicking your womb.

hats/headband :  I love tiny little hats on babies to make sure they are staying warm too. The hospital will provide you with some, but it is always nice to have a couple cute extras on hand. I also will be bringing a few headbands too if it’s a girl next go around for pictures sake. These headbands are our favorite!

white onesies :  So tiny, clean, and simple. I loved to use these as outfits for Ellis when she was first born. I always put one under all her outfits. It keeps your little ones warm, and doubles as an extra barrier for those glorious blow outs!

outfits :  Like I said above, I will definitely be bringing a few more outfits for my next baby! Dressing your baby up for the first time is so sweet and plus you are going to want something special to take them home in. These onesies have always been my favorite! The fabric is the softest thing ever, plus it’s so stretchy to keep baby comfortable.

the extras : Of course you are going to need a couple more things while you are prepping to take that new bundle of joy home! 

  • Mittens – – Our baby girl loved having her hands by her face. The mittens help protect that sweet face.
  • Nail Clippers – – Ellis had THE longest fingernails and I wish that I had clippers to clip them (see above. . .face scratches galore)
  • Installed Carseat – – I mean this one is super important, right? We may have had ours installed wrong. Oops.
  • Carseat Cover – – It was cold and rainy the day we left the hospital, you are going to want something to cover them from rain, shine or wind! Our favorite here!
  • Baby Book – – We got her footprints stamped right into her baby book!


Thanks for stopping in! I hope that these items helped out you expecting mommas out there or for your next go around! I would love to hear what is in your hospital bag! Have a great day!

x o x o . andrea . the ranch mama

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